Friday, February 8, 2013

LTO 101

101 Years of existence in the government service is being part of Philippine History. Truly the Land Transportation Office has made its share in shaping the destiny of our nation.  Aristotle once said:  “that at his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst. ’’ This only shows that more than a century, man has been struggling with the tension between good and evil. There will always be evil in man. But there will always be men struggling for the good. This is manifested by the efforts of the LTO to introduce innovations in its operations. Worth mentioning are the proposals to adapt online payment for renewal of Motor Vehicle Registration and other privatization schemes, among others.

I strongly believe in the LTO’s mission, and that this institution can only be as strong as its partner institutions allow it to be. We can only have a Land Transportation Office that does even better than it has for the last 101 years if we are willing to invest more in management innovations to improve it. It is not only a question of ISO 9000 (Quality Management). More importantly and deeply, a matter of GOOD GOVERNANCE where Transparency, Accountability, Predictability, and Participation thrives. Real quality management cannot be achieved without good governance.

It is my firm belief that LTO has a pivotal role to play in the promotion of good governance in the areas of licensing quality drivers, registering road worthy vehicles and enforcing traffic laws. In the academe, the number 101 has been used to refer to the basics. Subjects such as Math 101, English 101, Political Science 101 and the like have been used to train beginners. As we celebrate 101 Years of LTO, let us go back to the basics. Let us begin again educating ourselves , and in doing so, we redouble our efforts to convince others to share our vision so we can make sure that in the future the next generation will enjoy a comfortable land transportation service free from accidents.  MABUHAY LTO 101 !

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We live in a time of extraordinary challenges – a time conducive to change our mindset in performing our role as employees of the Land Transportation Office. A positive mindset which will work for quality management aiming to eliminate the traditional image of our institution. The 2012 Annual Report of Region IV-A (CALABARZON) speaks for itself. As the new Assistant Regional Director of this prime region, being barely three months in office, I came to realize that there are dedicated, honest and hard-working LTO personnel on this part of the world.

At the LTO Region IV-A, I have the honor of working with people courageous and innovative enough to make a difference. People who face the temptations of the bureaucracy every working day and yet NEVER WAIVER to overcome it. This is not easy in a government regulatory agency like the Land Transportation Office, considering the intricacies surrounding its operation.

I believe that LTO Region IV-A made its mark by contributing modestly its best practices and experiences. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012